Bentley Unbreakable


  • Bentley Momentum Unbreakable - Eau de Parfum 100ml

    Bentley Momentum Unbreakable

    Eau de Parfum 100ml

    € 89.00

Bentley Momentum Unbreakable | Eau de Parfum | 100ml


The Momentum Unbreakable man doesn’t follow the buzz: he creates it. Trends? He makes them or breaks them. And if all eyes turn to him wherever he appears, it’s not because he tries: it’s because he is who he is. A rocker, a rebel and a natural influencer who just goes with his instincts. Always on the move, he lives by one word: freedom. The ultimate luxury in today’s world. The most exciting challenge. Because he’s got an unbreakable spirit. And the scent he chooses, rich, warm and woody, is just as forceful as his spirit. The name says it all: Momentum Unbreakable.

The Fragrance

Crafting a high-impact fragrance from high-tech materials

Crafted from top-notch ingredients matching state-of-the-art technology with the age-old traditions of perfumery, Momentum Unbreakable meets the same, uncompromising standards as Bentley cars. A warmer, woodier interpretation of the bracing Momentum line, the new fragrance expresses all the thrilling facets of a contemporary urban adventurer.

Bentley Momentum Unbreable Fragrance | Eau de Parfum | 100ml

Fragrance family: Woody floral spicy

Top notes

  • Violet leaves
  • mandarin sfuma
  • lavender

Heart notes

  • Immortelle
  • geranium
  • orris

Base notes

  • Dreamwood©
  • vetiver from Haiti
  • papyrus
  • patchouli

The Design

Inspired by the soaring, vertical skyline of a modern metropolis, the stylized Bentley Momentum line reflects its assertive, vibrant fragrances. Tall, rectangular and faceted like an emerald-cut diamond, it is made of luxuriously heavy, customised glass.

For Bentley Momentum Unbreakable, the bottle pioneers a truly innovative design, worthy of rock aristocracy. It draws its inspiration from next-level finish crafted by Bentley Motors to customise its offerings: the new Stone Veneer, a fusion of century old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies that didn’t even exist a few years ago. The result is variations in colour, pattern and texture which are almost impossible to imitate. Here, in a striking expression of the name of the fragrance, the front of the Momentum Unbreakable is covered by a real stone plate made of mica schist, a crystalline rock containing reflective slivers of mica. Each one 100% natural making each bottle a one of- a-kind piece. The slate-grey stone plate is etched with Bentley’s iconic “B in Wings” logo and the name of the fragrance

The back of the bottle is clad with an interpretation of the marque’s signature knurling. Introduced in 1919 in the second car built by W.O. Bentley, this trademark motif was conceived to be pleasant to the touch as well as to the eye. Embossed in a matte black plate covering the bottle from base to neck, it adds a sensuous tactility and strikingly graphic style to the flacon, crowned with a matte black cap. Decorated with the iconic Bentley logo and the name of the fragrance hot-stamped in silver, the slate-grey box is embossed in the same, tactile texture as the bottle’s stone plate.