Bentley For Men Silverlake


  • Bentley For Men Silverlake - Eau de Parfum 100ml

    Bentley For Men Silverlake

    Eau de Parfum 100ml

    € 89.00

Bentley For Men Silverlake | Eau de Toilette | 100ml

For the man who never stops challenging himself

He knows what he’s capable of. And he’s always ready to prove it. Independent and determined, he’s at home in boardrooms or airport business lounges. But it’s when he gets back to nature that he is most truly himself. Breathing in bracing mountain air from a rolled-down window. Pausing for a moment of self-reflection, as he gazes into the silver mirror of an alpine lake. Always looking for the deeper meaning of what he does. Looking at the world with a fresh eye. Limits are there to be challenged. Borders to be crossed. His free spirit is expressed by the cool, bracing accents of his signature fragrance.

More than a scent. An attitude. Bentley for Men Silverlake.

A breath of fresh air through mountain forests

Crafted from the highest-quality natural materials, this vibrant new fragrance meets the same exacting standards as Bentley cars. In Bentley For Men Silverlake, the up-and-coming young perfumer Ané Ayo has developed layer upon layer of cool aromatic notes, based on the highest-quality, sustainable and natural ingredients, to conjure both an alpine landscape and the man who is free to explore it…

The scent opens with a rush of ice-cool notes, as lemon and peppermint essences blend to create the effect of a gust of pure, invigorating mountain air.

As the heart of the fragrance unfolds, the green, moist-earth accents of violet leaf absolute evoke a majestic alpine forest, touched by the frosty bite of pink pepper essence. The cool sheen of lavender hints at the silver water of a lake, reflecting the clear blue sky.

Boosting these bracing accords, a powerful blend of ambery woods carried by a breeze of pure white musk give the scent its crisp, modern, long-lasting trail.

As exhilarating as a drive through a mountain landscape of snow-capped peaks, evergreen forests and crystal-clear lakes. Bentley for Men Silverlake. Feel the energy.

Fragrance Family: Aquatic aromatic

Top note: Pineapple

Top notes

  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
Heart note: Lavender

Heart notes

  • Lavender essence
  • Pink pepper essence
  • Violet leaf absolute
Base note: Tonka Beans

Base notes

  • Ambery woods
  • Musk

An iconic bottle, reinvented in ice-cool silver

Designed to reflect the lines and curves of a Bentley car, the rounded form of the For Men bottle takes on a sleek new elegance with Silverlake, reflecting the cool accords of the new fragrance.

Lacquered in silver, the lozenge-shaped body of the flacon becomes as reflective as the mirrored surface of a mountain lake, and half-transparent, half-opaque like its crystalline waters. Its surface echoes the polished silver metal shoulders of the bottle, embossed with the striking Bentley emblem. The silver cap is ringed with Bentley’s signature knurling.

Bentley For Men Silverlake | Bottle Design Sketches
Bentley For Men Silverlake | Bottle Design Sketches
Bentley For Men Silverlake | Bottle Design Sketches